Dancing in a Canyon

This is what I do alone in a canyon.


I was hiking in West Texas last week, on the border with Mexico, jumping down shallow slopes into a dry canyon. I came upon a curved place, like a natural amphitheatre, and decided to set up my camera and see what came. I was lucky to do a workshop with the dance pioneer Deborah Hay early this year, and with the other participants, whom I've come to know as The Village, we use the phrase "going in" to describe the beginning of a dance. Take off the accoutrements of personality to enter unmediated exploration. "Be a pig," as Deborah says: greedily gobble up all that your senses offer you. Don't be pretty, don't be shy, don't hesitate, don't try to be good. Just get in there, take your time, and as Deborah would say, turn your f*^king head.